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Jacob's Kits

Jacobs Kit.jpg

The Jacob Kit serves as an example of how a local fire department can take the lead in community resiliency in a non-traditional, proactive way. Such a program is not only in accordance with the National Preparedness Goal, but it also demonstrates a daily value and commitment to the community we serve by addressing a modern threat that is causing fear and insecurity in every home, just as the term “fire” once did. In this way we are achieving community resiliency and ensuring homeland security. 

There are no more trusted and respected members of any community than firefighters, and no other profession allows its individuals such opportunity to influence change and make a difference. Whether through a JACOB Kit or another program that addresses a community risk, firefighters should support solutions to those risks or even better, be the ones who lead it.

Community Partners will be locating these kits in every classroom and bus in the Central Linn School District! The Halsey-Shedd RFPD and Brownsville Fire Department have installed over 100 Jacob's Kits in area schools and transportation buses; and have trained school staff on use and implementation. The next community focus will be encouraging large employers to have these trauma kits on hand for emergencies as well. 

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